Students cheering in front of Adani International School's building


Why are We Unique?

About Us

Adani International School provides a global learning experience with future-ready educational application. It integrates an experiential teaching process with state-of-the-art technology into its learning curriculum, inspiring students to develop crucial life skills. The school endeavours to impart holistic education to its students, making them conscious, responsible, happy and purposeful citizens of society. The school’s expert pool of faculty has been handpicked from the most reputed institutions. They engage students in learning processes which help them develop necessary personality traits, paving the way for them to be successful in all walks of life.

What we believe in

Vision, Mission and Values

Adani International School is an institution which believes not just in imparting the right education but inculcating the right values and ethics, encouraging the students to become consciously responsible citizens of the society and global leaders of tomorrow.

students in a classroom at Adani International School

Welcome to Adani International School