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CAIE- Lower Secondary: The First Step towards Lifelong Learning

The middle school years play a crucial role in shaping a child's educational journey and their perspective on learning. Teachers have the challenge of designing educational environments and experiences that leave a lasting impact on the students during this transformative time when they are experiencing significant developments in their physical, emotional, and social growth.

Adani International School recognises the significance of the transition that middle school students undergo and believes that even a structured curriculum can be transformed to lead to lifelong learning. The school adopts an integrated approach to teaching, where students learn through real-world connections between academic subjects. This experiential and interdisciplinary approach fosters action, reflection, and empathy among students and helps them understand the relationship between school lessons and the outside world. This understanding is a pivotal moment in their education, where they grasp the interconnectedness of various subjects.


In the middle school at Adani International, we offer Cambridge Lower Secondary, a part of the CAIE Curriculum.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary education program aims to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education that will benefit them in their future endeavours. The curriculum offers various opportunities for students to enhance their creativity, self-expression, and overall well-being.

Our teachers to pay close attention to the students' perspectives and incorporate their feedback into their teaching methods. By doing so, students become more self-reliant and adopt various approaches to learning. To make teaching effective, our teachers lead the learning process and continually assess and adjust their techniques based on the student’s progress. Teachers create connections between the student's prior knowledge and newly acquired information while providing a suitable level of challenge.


The flexibility of the Cambridge curriculum allows school to tailor their curriculum content to meet the specific needs of their region. Adani International School has done just that by incorporating STEAM subjects, arts, and sports, focusing on developing various important skills. This well-rounded approach to education is beneficial for students and helps them to succeed throughout their academic careers.

Art and Design


The co-curricular program at our school offers additional chances for students to learn and interact with others, acquire new life skills, and showcase their individual talents. Through these activities, students can develop leadership skills, work effectively in teams, and strengthen their character and self-confidence. This also creates opportunities for students to build strong relationships with their peers.

Investiture Ceremony
Art Competition
Elocution- Hindi
Elocution- English
Inter House- Maths Quiz
Inter House - Music
Inter House - Dance
Tech Fest
Creative Writing
Exhibition- Science
Inter House- Debate
Inter House- Dramatics
Youth Parliament
Ted Talks