Students in Art room at Adani International School



IGCSE- Fostering Leadership and Innovation through Dynamic Learning Experiences

As students progress through secondary school, they delve deeper into the curriculum with more intricate and complex learning experiences. Interdisciplinary and hands-on learning remains a priority, allowing students to develop and showcase their unique talents and passions. Our secondary academic education encourages critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity by providing opportunities for innovation and collaboration with experts.

The school’s emphasis is on enhancing learning, evaluating understanding through real-world projects and assignments, promoting diverse forms of expression, and developing essential 21st-century abilities such as communication, creativity, and collaboration, all within the established framework. Additionally, we also aim to improve students' examination and writing abilities, preparing them for the rigorous academic requirements of higher education.


We follow the International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Grades 9 and 10. Cambridge IGCSE ensures the most effective method of not just transferring knowledge to students but also helping them to appreciate, understand and apply what they have learned. 

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is built on a strong foundation of core subjects and allows for the addition of interdisciplinary perspectives. Our approach emphasises the importance of exposing learners to diverse subjects and encouraging them to make connections between them. This curriculum is supported by outstanding resources and training. It is highly flexible and engaging. We help them foster critical thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving skills which serve as an excellent preparation for advanced studies.


At Adani International School, we provide a vast array of subjects that broaden our students' career prospects. The curriculum focuses on providing in-depth knowledge in each subject and stimulating intellectual curiosity among our young learners. The aim is to encourage students to connect their learning to real-life situations and apply their understanding.

First Language English
Additional Maths
Business Studies
Computer Science
Art & Design
Environmental Management


The education offered at Adani International School goes beyond academics and aims to foster the overall development of its students through a variety of experiences. This can include travel, arts, music, theatre, sports, public speaking, and participation in club activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. We believe in the type of education which focuses on the holistic growth of the students.

Investiture Ceremony
Art Competition
Elocution- Hindi
Elocution- English
Inter House- Maths Quiz
Inter House- Music
Inter House- Dance
Tech Fest
Creative Writing
Exhibition- Science
Inter House- Debate
Inter House- Dramatics
Youth Parliament
Ted Talks