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A Place to Grow


Adani International School provides arts education, which includes dance, music, and visual arts. The curriculum incorporates both the responding and creating aspects of the arts, creating a dynamic connection between the two. This approach fosters a holistic understanding of the arts and their relevance across the curriculum.
students performing sparkling activity at Adani international School

Sparking Creativity

At Adani International School, the arts are thriving, and each student possesses unique creative abilities. Our teachers help students discover their innate talents and nurture their skills in the discipline they excel in. With top-notch facilities for theatre, music, and visual arts, students receive the support, framework, and resources to unleash their creativity and build their self-confidence completely.

Art and Design

The Art and Design studio caters to all forms of art; painting and related media, printmaking, three-dimensional design,  photography, digital and lens-based media, graphic communication, textiles and fashion.
students performing visual arts activity at Adani international School


Our educational curriculum includes the integration of arts, music, and dance. The integration of these elements not only enriches the learning experience but also plays a significant role in cultural events. Dance, in particular, holds a unique place among the arts and is taught in various forms, such as Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Indian folk in our school studio.
students performing dance at Adani international School


At Adani International School, students receive a comprehensive education that includes both vocal and instrumental music. The approach to learning incorporates music and dance in a creative and interdisciplinary way, and students are also trained in reading music notation and singing.
students participating music activity at Adani international School


Drama is a form of art that allows for the projection of a storyline through performance. We at Adani International School provide our students with a unique opportunity to actively participate in the creative process, bringing their ideas to life through their actions as curious and productive artists.
students performing drama activity at Adani international School

Creative Writing

Writing is a powerful tool that can be used to channel emotions and express them in a variety of forms. Our students are given an opportunity to provide a platform to give momentum to their thoughts and feelings through the written word.
students performing creative writing activity at Adani international School


Our state-of-the-art facilities and learning spaces have been designed to cater for a contemporary, interdisciplinary approach to learning which mirrors our aim to provide a holistic approach to education in the most innovative fashion.

music studio at Adani international School

Music Studio

Art room at Adani international School

Art and Digital Design Studio

art studio at Adani international School

Art Studio