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Our Reading Programme

The Reading Programme at Adani International School is designed to integrate the IB curriculum with our core values, vision and mission that help us build and foster proficient readers. This is achieved through various events and activities.
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Explore the World of Words

Foster your child's imagination and critical thinking in a supportive learning environment. Our captivating Reading Program sparks a love for language and stories. From engaging storytelling sessions to interactive reading workshops, students develop essential literacy skills while exploring the magic of books. Discover our dynamic Reading Program and watch your child's love for reading blossom! 

Adani Book Flix

The school collaborates with the entire community to host the annual literacy fest – Adani Book Flix. Authors and other experts are invited to share their experiences and skills with learners. Every week, learners are engaged in a theme-based read-aloud sessions.
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Book Fair

To foster reading habits in learners and promote global citizenship, the school invites publishers, bookstores, and curators to exhibit a diverse collection of books during Literacy Day and Book Flix events.
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Special Events

Literacy Week is celebrated to enable learners to develop literacy skills and boost their reading levels. Interesting activities like literacy stations, bookmark making, and author study activities are focused on extending the reading opportunities.
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A social and cultural form of expression through storytelling at assemblies, special events and library hours in integration with the unit of inquiry enhances literacy skills.

Read aloud

Books about eminent personalities born in the month are read aloud on certain days, and librarians integrate the topic with the unit of inquiry to enhance our students’ reading levels.
Students in a Science Lab at Adani International School


Interaction with storytellers and workshops for teachers on storytelling are organised to promote brain development and the ability to focus and concentrate while reading.


The school has subscribed to eBooks to support reading in English and other languages. A curated list of open-source books and databases on the knowledge portal allows learners to read for recreation and integrate with a unit of inquiry.
Students in a Science Lab at Adani International School