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Students at Adani International Schools experience a dynamic day full of knowledge, entertainment, commemorations, and visits from professionals from different areas. We promote our pupils to take part in activities that emphasize values so that they can understand their role in the greater society and the planet. We use experiential teaching methods and technology in our educational program. Check out what’s brewing at our campus here.
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11 Dec 2023

Interhouse Cricket Tournament Begins

Interhouse Cricket Tournament Begins(The Interhouse Cricket Tournament kicks off, igniting the spirit of competition on the field! 🏏πŸ”₯)


21 Dec 2023

Story writing Competition

Creativity takes center stage as learners dive into the Story Writing Competition, weaving tales that captivate and inspire! πŸ“–πŸŒŸ


22 Dec 2023

Christmas Assembly

The festive spirit takes the spotlight as the school gracefully handles the Christmas Assembly, spreading joy and cheer! πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ

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Our days at Adani International Schools are full of learning, fun, celebrations and a lot of visits from experts from various fields. These events help create a vibrant and engaging environment for students, promoting their learning, social skills and personal development.

Take a look at various events happening on our campus here.

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Adani International School celebrates diversity and creates a secure, invigorating and supportive atmosphere for students in which they feel esteemed, beloved and looked after. In striving for greatness, the school sets high goals of accomplishment for its students in intellectual, athletic, and social-cultural events.

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