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Why are We Unique?

Vision, Mission & Values

Adani International School believes not just in imparting the right education but inculcating values that will encourage students to become the global leaders of tomorrow. Our vision, mission and values help us uphold the ideals we strive for in the journey of building an ace institution of academic excellence.

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Our Mission

To be the leading Indian school that provides a global learning experience with educational application that is future ready.

students at Adani International School

Our Vision

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art education infrastructure consistent with evolving global educational trends that inspires children to be nation-builders pushing India’s global ambitions.

Core Values

students in a classroom at Adani International School


Discovery, inquiry & learning. A mind that's always open to possibilities.

Never stop questioning

students in a art room at Adani International school


Newer perspectives and thinking. Quick to learn, adapt to changes, seeing challenges as opportunities.

Have fun with the experimentation process

students standing in assembly at Adani International School


Making dedicated efforts to adapt to changing environments to ensure the best results.

Pursue goals relentlessly

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Critical thinking and problem-solving. Ability to step beyond the comfort zone. Seeing through to completion.

Approach problems constructively

students & teachers with the dog at Adani International school


Empathy, compassion and understanding. A culture of treating people and the environment with respect and kindness.

Foster a culture of service for collective goodwill and the community

students standing in assembly at Adani International School


Taking charge of your mind. Directing it to act in your best interest.

Encourage self-motivation, make external authority redundant