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Mitali Shah
Ms. Maushmi Mehta
Head of Pre-primary

Head of Pre-primary's Message

Adani International School

Maushmi is a teacher, facilitator, leader, and ardent animal lover. She has taught various early education approaches, ranging from the Montessori method, Reggio Emilia, and the International Baccalaureate Organization. At Adani International School, she brings 22 years of teaching experience in early years education. She is determined to ensure that every child gets the attention and support needed to grow into a joyful, confident individual equipped for the challenges ahead. She is skilful in creating creative and interactive, provocative learning for the pre-schoolers and thrives on seeing the joy of learning in their eyes. She strongly believes in using positive language to develop constructive behaviour and knowledge. She builds strong relationships with students, parents, and teaching staff. She closely observes her learners, gauges their abilities, and encourages them to achieve more with her constant positive persistence. She believes in her learners, respects and loves them as a unique child.