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Moksha Adani
Moksha Adani

Pre-Primary Teacher’s Message

Adani International School

Ms. Moksha is a zealous early years educator who is an early childhood education specialist.   She feels that teaching is an excellent approach to continue learning. She enjoys storytelling and connecting with her students. Moksha believes that children learn by observation and imitation, hence she encourages hands-on learning engagements. For Her, teaching is more than just enabling academic information; it is also about making the process of learning enjoyable, interesting and innovative, so that their curiosity and passion for learning lasts a lifetime. Touching and influencing the lives of the tiny live wires, as well as seeing the children show unconditional and limitless love, is humbling and keeps Moksha afloat.
Travel, nature, coffee, elephants and stationery items are just a few of the things which make Moksha smile instantly.