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Charmy Dave
Charmy Dave

Primary Teacher’s Message

Adani International School

Charmy Dave is a passionate early years educator. She is a Montessori-certified teacher with a diploma in special needs education. She is also a jolly phonics certified teacher who believes in student-led, inquiry-based learning. Charmy has been a guest speaker on number of webinars addressing the importance of integrating technology with learning. Children are the primary reason Charmy gets out of bed every morning and heads to school with a beaming smile on her face. She is an educator who helps children learn, have fun, and evolve into happy, responsible individuals. Charmy is an inquirer who values learning and growing on a continuous basis. Spending time with family is something she looks forward to the most. Other favorites that help Charmy be creative and explore new things include cooking and travelling.
‘An educator who is the perfect blend of a friend and a guide!’ – This is how Charmy would want to be described.